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You, too, deserve to smile. Just like you always wanted.
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How do I start smiling in 4 steps?

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Customization test – advanced 3D scanning

We begin with a 3D scan of the oral cavity, using the world's most sophisticated scanner. The scan facilitates an accurate diagnosis, and combined with a personal examination by our doctor, we build a treatment plan tailored to your needs.


WeSmile Package:
All inclusive, no small print

Start a treatment plan with the right teeth alignment package for you – all the visits, aligners, aids and support required for the best result.


Minimal visits to the clinic – and innovative service at home

A visit to the clinic is required only once every 6–8 weeks. Minimal trips to us
You receive a kit that includes sets of custom transparent aligners, accessories and instructions; a WeSmile box will be sent to your home or can be picked up from the medical center of your choice.


Personal guidance until success is achieved – we are also available to you digitally

WeSmile customers benefit from guidance and advice via our digital system, which includes full availability and assistance for any need. Of course, you are welcome to come to the clinic if necessary; we’re here for you six days a week.

Let's start smiling

The only method that offers you an all-in-one package – an innovative combination of advanced orthodontics, personal medical guidance, at-home service and convenient support 24/7.

Simple, convenient and advanced.

Move forward to the new way of teeth alignment

WeMake it better

Compare and see Wesmile method Old methods
Aesthetics Transparent and light aligners for nearly invisible alignment Metal and iron cubes, which stand out
Accuracy Customization using advanced 3D scanning Trial and error — adjustments based on an existing standard
Focus Ability to design treatment specific to each tooth/group of teeth Limitations in specific treatment
Convenience The aligners are easy to put in and take out Permanently and inflexibly attached
Freedom There is no limit – the aligners are removable for any purpose Non-removable – limited
Hygiene Easy to continue brushing teeth to prevent neglect Makes it difficult to maintain perfect hygiene
Comfort A pleasant feeling that is easy to get used to Feeling of metal and iron in your mouth
Effectiveness Success with a variety of structural and aesthetic problems Limitations in the ability to solve any problem
Speed Possibility for results in a shorter period of time Longer treatment duration
Price Save on unnecessary treatments and more efficient pricing Costs that may accrue along the way
Service Online support and at-home service Without remote support – requires visits to the clinic
Treatment experience More pleasant – minimal discomfort and pain Awkwardness and discomfort that require time to adjust

Why WeSmile

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Because of the good experience

Combining high-level technological and professional capabilities, which provide service unparalleled in Israel, with precise adjustments, guidance, attentiveness and personal treatment

בדיקת התאמה ליישור שיניים שקוף

Because of the treatment follow-up

We believe in uncompromising excellence. We have developed an advanced digital system through which you can schedule appointments, get support, updates and information, and take action. We are also available for you in the clinics through the entire process

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Because of Dental Medical Centers

Our medical centers are among the best in the country, with first-class knowledge, equipment and materials in for adult orthodontics.

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Because of the doctors

Teams of dentists who bring together broad orthodontic knowledge, remaining up-to-date with the Clear Aligners method, such as with Invisalign, Clear Correct and others. We choose the best manufacturer for each patient!

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Because of the affordable price

We have created an innovative and simple process that allows you to enjoy the most advanced orthodontics at attractive prices and with comfortable payments.

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Because of the results

Our customers who have benefited From a perfect smile and who have enjoyed the process They are our best proof!

Satisfied customers

WeLove to see you smile

Our dentists

WeHave the best team

All inclusive, no small print

We are happy to present you with our smile packages so that you we can find you the perfect fit – both for the treatment and payment plans.

Each package guarantees you a unique experience of treatment and service throughout the process until results are achieved, with the world's most advanced technology in modern medical centers, the rich expertise of dentists, and close online guidance.

Each package includes everything you need until you get the perfect smile:

WeHave smile
packages for you

3D scanning for 100% accuracy A special kit with all the accessories and instructions necessary for successful treatment
A set of transparent aligners, customized for you Descaling
Meetings with a dentist at one of our Dental Medical Centers, in accordance with the treatment plan Maintaining results at the end of the process
Guidance and consultation available 24/7 using a special digital system Eligibility for laser teeth whitening – at cost

It's never too late for a perfect smile

Think it's too late? Wrong!
Our method allows you to enjoy perfect aesthetics for the rest of your life, at any age.
Some of our customers are adults who have given themselves a gift and now enjoy results better than they could have dreamed.
Every age is suitable, and we would be happy to offer advise and to customize a personal treatment plan for you.

It's time for a perfect smile 🙂

We all want a perfect smile, so why wait?
Now, with WeSmile, the new way of straightening teeth allows everyone to take the right step. In simplicity, comfort and in an affordable way.
Put ourselves first and attain the smile we've always wanted.

A perfect smile for the important moments in life!

Getting ready for an event? Do you plan and work hard to make everything perfect?
Now, it's possible to straighten teeth in a transparent and comfortable way. Obtain perfect results within just a few months, or start treatment and simply remove the aligners in the important moments.
There's no reason to wait. Especially if you want everything to be perfect. You deserve it. You deserve it.

It's time for a perfect smile 🙂

When people reach their 20s, the structures of their jaws have stabilized, which allows for more accurate teeth alignment.
Even if you underwent classic teeth straightening in your youth, but you want to improve them further, it's the perfect time to come see how our method will make your dream come true transparently, efficiently and comfortably. There's no point in waiting any longer.
A suitability test without any commitment is the first step to a perfect smile

WeTake you forward

After 50+ years of teeth alignment with braces
WeSmile introduces a revolution that allows you to straighten your teeth while maintaining your lifestyle.
Transparent, simple and convenient teeth alignment with an exceptional service experience and superb results.